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    A Single Throat Opens

    Meghan McClure

    Michael Schmeltzer

    All good writing confesses things that the writer is not always ready to admit at that particular moment: an offering to the world to do with it what it will with no flinch of the wrist, no last second tug backward into the chest to keep our stories and ourselves safe from harm. What Michael Schmeltzer & Meghan McClure know about these confessions is that they are also collaborative—self and other, the blank bubbling of the world and the shaking truth—us as flawed humans cannot move through the world without the world. In A Single Throat Opens, Schmeltzer & McClure explore a landscape that has too much of everything, defining what is left & what they are, all the while tethered to their language and each other.

    — Brian Oliu, author of I/O: A Memoir

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