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Dead Letter Office

Dead Letter Office by Daniel Natal

Parents Bob and Julia Ebersol are unsettled by an envelope they receive which contains a photograph of their son at school. A week later, there arrives a package containing shoes which were assumed to have been lost. The subscription to terror continues when another envelope comes a few days later, this one containing a picture of the child sleeping in his bedroom. There is no return address and no explanation. Before the couple can garner the support of the police, the unthinkable happens: the boy disappears. His kidnappers demand an impossible sum, to be paid within twenty-four hours. They promise to send the boy’s parents more packages, of a much more grisly nature, if the ransom is not paid on time. These are the elements of Dead Letter Office, a plot-driven thriller which shocks the sensibilities of a genre by conveying the story in vivid, literary prose.


  • "Dead Letter Office is a first-rate thriller that surprises at every turn. Daniel Natal is a talented storyteller, and his novel should win him a significant audience."
    --Ron Rash

    "The gift for metaphor Mr. Natal demonstrates lifts the prose above that of the typical “suspense novel”. It's a thinking man's thriller."
    —John Jeter

    "An estranged father, a kidnapped child, and the menacing shadow of violence thread through this literary thriller, weaving an engrossing tale. Daniel Natal's confident prose makes Dead Letter Office a pleasure to read."
    —Mindy Friddle

Daniel Natal

Daniel Natal has existed on the fringes of the literary world for his entire life, attending artists' parties with his Bohemian parents from a very young age. Dead Letter Office is his first novel.

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