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December Sale : Great Reads

This is one of our favorite seasons for reading! During this cozy, cuddly, weather-outside-is-becoming-frightful time of year, isn’t it just delightful to get lost in a wonderful book? At the discounted price of just $9.95 a piece, these six featured titles are perfect gifts for the discerning readers in your life.


Floating Holidays by Christopher Torockio — Seasonal Novel

“Floating Holidays is a big, bold, and yet highly focused narrative about fluid struggles in the workplace, their pervasive effect, and the people who cause them and the people who try to survive them. It is a wonderfully engag- ing book, start to finish, told with a real commitment to an array of characters and with a degree of empathy for every single one of them. This is a terrific debut novel, one which should engage any reader who has ever had the dubious pleasure of working for a living.” —Fred G. Leebron

The Following Sea by Marcel Jolley — Literary Crime Novella

Joseph Merickel asks for little—as chief of police in Skagway, Alaska, he simply wants things in order. When a lifelong friend is found dead and her boyfriend goes missing, Merickel must trade his quiet predictable existence for the very aspects of his profession he had hoped to avoid by returning home to rural Southeast Alaska. The investigation will drag him through this landlocked region during a stretch of heavy October rain makes flight hard and pursuit harder. Despite familiar terrain and old acquaintances, the lawman can’t help but feel adrift in a territory of personal histories that, until now, Joseph Merickel thought he knew as well as his own.
Communion by TJ Beitelman — Experimental Short Stories
“I don’t know that I’ve read a stranger, more unsettling book than T.J. Beitelman’s Communion. And I mean that in the best way possible. At times Beitelman’s stories remind me of those of Raymond Carver, the characters here so often so far away from one another. Yet turn the page, and Beitelman pulls off a kind of lyrical magic, and I am reminded of the lush, surreal poems of W.S. Merwin. From the first cold bite of an orange to the final communion of blood and crab cake, these stories linger in the mouth, stay with you long after you finish.” —Joe Wilkins

Feast: Poetry & Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner — Poetry & Accompanying Recipes

Over the years at Black Lawrence Press our senses have been captivated by an abundance of food-inspired poetry in the many collections we have published. And our poet friends are not only writing about food but also cooking it up and sharing their photos and recipes all over social media. Frankly, they have left us salivating and wanting more for far too long now — and not just wanting more words but more food. We’re ready for a feast!

Lest we expire in this state of constant temptation and hunger, we decided to curate a genre- fusion work of art around a dinner party theme, and thus Feast: Poetry & Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner was born. This book is full of beautiful language, words and images, absolutely; but it’s also about the preparation, cooking and sharing of food — which is ultimately about relationships, shared memories, taking risks and getting messy.

Quality of Life by Jason Tandon — Poetry

In Quality of Life, his third collection, Jason Tandon brings a self-deprecating humor and youthful optimism to bear on the burgeoning responsibilities of marriage, family, and fatherhood. These are poems of quietude and restraint, poems that leap from the plainspoken to the deeply imagistic. Tandon reminds us that the trials of the everyday can test even the most generous heart and patient soul, and calls us to celebrate the tiny triumphs that life so often affords.

Driving to the Bees by Maggie Schwed — Poetry

“In these visceral, lovely poems, Maggie Schwed meditates on farming as both a vocation and a metaphor for creation and self-knowledge. There’s transcendence and bounty here, but the minds at work in these formally inventive poems are too complex and restless to settle for long. Instead, Schwed finds in the difficult lives of animals and the hard work of farming moments for understanding familial love, harrowing violence, accident and unpredictable joy. These lush, constantly shifting landscapes reflect back on us, offering striking revelations about our own moments of human beauty, loss, and inescapable mortality. Driving to the Bees is a thoughtful and deeply moving collection.” —Kevin Prufer