Black Lawrence Press

Poetry Sale: Select Titles 50% Off

It’s National Poetry Month (check out our daily features on Facebook!), so we’re cutting prices by half on some of our absolute favorite poetry titles. In other words, for less than $30 total you can pick up a full-length collection, a chapbook, a Rilke, and a series of prose poems giving life to 40’s crime-scene dioramas. “Spring Cleaning” is really about clearing knickknacks from the bookshelf to make more room for poems, right?

Doll Studies: Forensics by Carol Guess ($14.00 $7.00)
Into the Blue Reach: Selected Stories and Prose by Rainer Maria Rilke by Ingrid Amalia Herbert and Alison Kolodinsky ($15.00 $7.50)
Sagittarius Agitprop by Matthew Gavin Frank ($14.00 $7.00)
Turning Inside Out by Sandra Kolankiewicz ($9.00 $4.50)