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  • "Wine Dark is an ethereal book where the idea of language, the theory of story becomes one with the knowledge of the self, a self burrowing, digging, trying to find a home, a place of residency under the grass in the great cemetery of words. Jenny Drai has found that out beyond all the words lies the body of language, and having come back, somehow is able to show us what it is to live, how it is we inhabit an alphabet."
    —Carl Adamshick, author of Curses and Wishes and Saint Friend
  • "In Wine Dark, Drai launches the reader into a language of scents, tastes, and colors that is as seductive as it is ominous. A sense of danger, of unreality or the sudden slap of reality, lurks around every corner. Like Scheherezade, Drai is telling stories to save her life, narrating the world around her as an American in Germany in order to understand it. Just as Virgil leads Dante, Scheherezade serves as Drai's guide in the psychological underworld of this collection, interrogating the nature of truth, the truth of storytelling, and the multiple truths of stories of the self. The pervasive presence of immigration and the dark liquids of wine, blood, and the sea contrasts with concrete references to tragedy, injustice, and the deaths of innocents from the Holocaust to Kosovo and Trayvon Martin. With the deft use of anaphora, internal and slant rhyme, and short lines that make effective use of elision, Drai is a powerful voice singing a subtle, sensitive music."
    —Wendy Chin-Tanner, author of Turn

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Jenny Drai

Jenny Drai studied German language and literature as an undergraduate, after which she lived in Munich for several years, working various odd jobs, including Au Pair, English tutor, and cleaning woman.  After her return to the United States, she obtained an MFA in Poetry from Saint Mary's College of California.  She is the author of Letters to Quince (winner of the Deerbird Novella Prize from Artistically Declined Press, 2015) and a full-length collection of poetry, [ the door ], (Trembling Pilllow Press, 2015).  Another chapbook, : Body Wolf :, appeared recently from Horse Less Press.  Her poetry has appeared in numerous online and print journals, including American Letters & Commentary, New American Writing, the Volta, Handsome, and Jellyfish.  She is currently at work on a novel.

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