2014 Pushcart Nominations

We are very pleased to announce that we have nominated six selections from our 2014 catalogue for The Puschart Prize.

  1. “Wolf Cento” [When tenderness seems tired] from Trace, a poetry chapbook by Simone Muench
  2. “A Family Among Us” from Families Among Us, a fiction chapbook by Blake Kimzey
  3. “In 2006 I Had an Ordeal With Medicine” from Patient., a poetry collection by Bettina Judd
  4. “How to do the Cha Cha” from How to Feel Confident With Your Special Talents, a prose poetry collection by Carol Guess and Daniela Olszewska
  5. “Bender” from Your Life Idyllic, a short story collection by Craig Bernier
  6. “The Full Horizon” from Field Notes for the Earthbound by John Mauk

For your reading pleasure, we have created a PDF containing the nominated poems, prose poems, and stories: 2014 BLP Pushcart Nominations. Enjoy!
TRACEKimzey_coverJuddcwHow to Feel Confident with Your Special TalentsYour Life IdyllicMauk