Black Lawrence Press
December 16, 2014

2014 Pushcart Nominations

We are very pleased to announce that we have nominated six selections from our 2014 catalogue for The Puschart Prize.

  1. “Wolf Cento” [When tenderness seems tired] from Trace, a poetry chapbook by Simone Muench
  2. “A Family Among Us” from Families Among Us, a fiction chapbook by Blake Kimzey
  3. “In 2006 I Had an Ordeal With Medicine” from Patient., a poetry collection by Bettina Judd
  4. “How to do the Cha Cha” from How to Feel Confident With Your Special Talents, a prose poetry collection by Carol Guess and Daniela Olszewska
  5. “Bender” from Your Life Idyllic, a short story collection by Craig Bernier
  6. “The Full Horizon” from Field Notes for the Earthbound by John Mauk

For your reading pleasure, we have created a PDF containing the nominated poems, prose poems, and stories: 2014 BLP Pushcart Nominations. Enjoy!

TRACEKimzey_coverJuddcwHow to Feel Confident with Your Special TalentsYour Life IdyllicMauk