Black Lawrence Press
August 30, 2012

“April Snow”


The new issue of the Spoon River Poetry Review is out with work from Jean Valentine, Marcela Sulak, Joshua Corey, Jeff Friedman, Hoa Nguyen, Yu Xiang, Rachel Zucker, and a poem by Jason Tandon:


After we have pushed back

from the Easter table,

retired to the front porch

bathed in a late afternoon sun

where a couple of uncles

still have room to guzzle beer

and suck the salty marrow

from the cracked shanks of a roasted lamb,

an evening flurry

thickens overnight

into a six-inch snuffing

of the sodden, spring green.


To read the whole poem, please consider pre-ordering a copy of Jason’s forthcoming collection Quality of Life. Thank you for your support!