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Marc McKee

Marc McKee is the author of What Apocalypse? (New Michigan Press, 2008); Fuse (Black Lawrence Press, 2011); and Bewilderness (Black Lawrence Press, 2014). Consolationeer is his third full-length collection, and a fourth, Meta Meta Make-Belief, is due from Black Lawrence Press in early 2019. Recent poems appear in Rockhurst Review, The Laurel Review, H_NGM_N, Copper Nickel, Inter|rupture, Memorious, Southern Indiana Review, and others. Here, recent means since about 2015. Three of his poems have been translated into Ukrainian and are included in Anthology of Young Poetry of the U.S.A. (A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers: Ukraine, 2016). He teaches at the University of Missouri in Columbia, where he lives with his wife, Camellia Cosgray, and their son, Harold.


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