Fall 2015 Black River Chapbook Competition Finalists & Semi-Finalists!

It’s announcement time! We’re excited to share the short list for the Fall 2015 Black River Chapbook Competition. From over 550 entries, we’ve narrowed things down to 17 semi-finalists and 1o finalists. (As always, this was no easy feat! We read and agonized over FAR more than 27 exciting, well-crafted entries. There were many excellent manuscripts that aren’t reflected in this list, and there were a few chaps that gave us grabby-hands that were withdrawn along the way. We appreciate every one of you deeply. Please keep making our jobs difficult.)
Entries were read blind by an editorial panel consisting of judges (previous BRCC winners and published finalists) and BLP editors. Entries were kept blind until today–so we can unveil the lists to you!
To all the semi-finalists, congrats & thank you! We will announce the winner from among our list of finalists shortly.
FINALISTS (alphabetical)

Retribution Binary by Ruth Baumann (poetry)
Two Good Ears by Leah Browning (fiction)
St. Trigger by Aaron Coleman (poetry)
The Moon is a Wasteland and Other Stories by Daniel DiFranco (fiction)
The Other Body by Raki Kopernik (poetry)
Rumble Jack by Daniel Lynch (fiction)
Makes the Daughter-in-Law Cry by Danielle Mitchell (poetry)
Raju and Kishore by Gaurav Monga (fiction)
Dear Fox, Dear Barn by GennaRose Nethercott and Ben Clark (poetry)
Aluminum Necropolis by Nichole Riggs (poetry)

SEMI-FINALISTS (alphabetical)
These Contracts We Make by Ruth Baumann (poetry)
Mercy for the One Who Sharpens by Julia Bouwsma (poetry)
The Landfill Poems & Others by Patrick Cantrell (poetry)
New Histories by Amanda Chiado (poetry)
Fly Back at Me by Bernard Grant (fiction)
Hey Animal by Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez (poetry)
Thresh by Amy Elisabeth Hansen (poetry)
fifteen facades by Rose Hunter (poetry)
burying the illness corpse by Zoë Koenig (poetry)
Leaving Tracks: A Prairie Guide by Sarah Montgomery (poetry)
Dune Weasel by Caleb Nelson (poetry)
Graveyard, Burning by Amy Newday (poetry)
Arms Strong for Their Tasks: Stories by Dominic Preziosi (fiction)
The Umamist by Marc Sheehan (fiction)
Dust by Sarah Strong (poetry)
Propagation by Lesley Wheeler (poetry)
Blackjack! by Katherine Zlabek (fiction)