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Feast: Poetry & Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner

We are delighted to serve up Feast: Poetry & Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner — a scrumptious offering for the mind and body that is both a poetry anthology and a cookbook.

Over the years at Black Lawrence Press our senses have been captivated by an abundance of food-inspired poetry in the many collections we have published. And our poet friends are not only writing about food but also cooking it up and sharing their photos and recipes all over social media. Frankly, they have left us salivating and wanting more for far too long now — and not just wanting more words but more food. We’re ready for a feast!

Lest we expire in this state of constant temptation and hunger, we decided to curate a genre- fusion work of art around a dinner party theme, and thus Feast: Poetry & Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner was born. This book is full of beautiful language, words and images, absolutely; but it’s also about the preparation, cooking and sharing of food — which is ultimately about relationships, shared memories, taking risks and getting messy.

Poems and Recipes by: Lindsay Ahl * Susanne Paola Antonetta * James Arthur * Robert Avery * Julie Babcock * Michele Battiste * Ruth Bavetta * Amy Berkowitz * Emily K. Bright * Shirley Chen * Lilian Cohen * Barbara Crooker Elizabeth (Mimi) Danson * Jesse DeLong * Juditha Dowd * Renee Emerson * Matthew Gavin Frank * Stephen Gibson * Karen Greenbaum-Maya * Ed Happ * Elizabeth Hilts * Lynn Hoffman * Brent House * M.J. Iuppa * Arnold Johnston * Diane Kendig * Adele Kenny * Kathleen Kirk * Éireann Lorsung * Mira Martin-Parker * Laura McCullough * mariana mcdonald * Claire McQuerry * Mimi Moriarty * Eric Morris * Robby Nadler * Loretta Oleck * Daniel A. Olivas * Daniele Pantano * Kevin Pilkington * Anne Posten * Yelizaveta P. Renfro * Natasha Sajé * Tina Schumann * Amy Lee Scott * Vivian Shipley * Leah Shlachter * Martha Silano * Erin Elizabeth Smith * Sheila Squillante * Dolores Stewart Riccio * Marcela Sulak * Marjorie Thomsen * John J. Trause * Claire Van Winkle * Benjamin Vogt * Joe Wilkins * Laura Madeline Wiseman * Sarah Yasin * Tracy Youngblom



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