Black Lawrence Press

No Girls No Telephones Broadside

Brittany Cavallaro and Rebecca Hazelton, “No Girls No Telephones”

BLP Chapbook Broadside Series

5.5 x 8.5 Natural Cardstock, Fine Paper Trim

Each BLP broadside is handmade & unique — the design and trim will vary a bit broadside by broadside. These beautiful art objects are handmade in a limited edition to accompany the release of each new BLP chapbook.


  • The poems in this chapbook stay with me, ringing in my ears, burrowing into my head. The language is extremely physical, sharp — often painfully so. The voices grapple with basic human emotions, rooting in images that sear, unafraid to spread rhetorical wings ("O enemies") or make jaw-dropping assertions ("Everyone is an informer"). The poems move from innocence to experience, then back to innocence again, risking absurdity ("This fox was the real deal, like a white swan"), drawing wild, fresh conclusions ("You have the answer, sir"), always jerking the reader to attention, entertaining, informing. This collection of poems is obviously the work of gifted young poets with a kind of wit and wisdom that gives, that will keep on giving.
    —Jay Parini, author of The Art of Subtraction: New and Selected Poems, The Passages of H.M., and Why Poetry Matters

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