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Retribution Binary

From Retribution Binary:

Wishbones in the head a vortex. Clouds gathered at the nape. Storm a cheap medium. Dissolution, call it progress. Her sleep a glass wall against. Her body collected against an underpass. Rain watches. Keeps score, makes it up. When his eyes were big they were so. Glassy want-mongers million-tongued stupid pseudo-beast. Give a man dominoes & he will fish forever. She shivers. The gutting wasn’t so bad. As was the living gutted. Emptiness the loudest papercut. But energy does not die. The raw blankness it feasts.


  • RETRIBUTION BINARY is a study in wreckage and palpable absence. “The morphology of chaos.” Part dreamscape disjointed, part gutter-bucket realism, Baumann sings trauma in a syntactically ecstatic, trance-like pitch somewhere between punk rock and opera, not to be missed.

    —Marcus Wicker, author of MAYBE THE SADDEST THING
  • Ruth Baumann’s RETRIBUTION BINARY operates in a mode perhaps best described as post-traumatic surrealism, conjuring a world in which “emptiness is the loudest paper cut,” a city of the mind where “one thought crosses another like a car t-boning the future.” But make no mistake, Baumann is not satisfied with mere imagistic playfulness; hers is a high-stakes poetry that aims for nothing less than physical, emotional, and spiritual reclamation. Resilient and fierce in their clarity, the poems in RETRIBUTION BINARY leave me excited and eager to read Baumann’s work in the years to come.

    —James Kimbrell, author of MY PSYCHIC and THE GATEHOUSE HEAVEN

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Ruth Baumann

Ruth Baumann is a PhD student at Florida State University & holds an MFA from the University of Memphis. She is also a co-editor of Nightjar Review. She's the author of four chapbooks: A Thousand Are Poeticas (Sixth Finch), Retribution Binary (Black Lawrence Press), wildcold (Slash Pines Press), & I'll Love You Forever & Other Temporary Valentines (Salt Hill). Poems are published in Colorado Review, Sonora Review, Sycamore Review, The Journal, Third Coast & others listed at  

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