Black Lawrence Press


Marginalia for a Natural History by Keith Taylor
“Marginalia for a Natural History is a compilation of ghostly postcards from paradise. Keith Taylor writes with such exquisite and elliptical beauty that the real world falls away as you read his poetry, and is replaced by a world even more real—more vivid, more breathtaking, more alive for having been captured in his lines. These brief but substantial lyrics stand strong among the best writing that has taken place in conversation with nature. They changed the way I see the land and the sky and the water. This is a chapbook you will return to again and again.”
—Laura Kasischke

Past Lives, Future Bodies by Kristin Chang
“Kristin Chang’s PAST LIVES, FUTURE BODIES is full of mouths swallowing food, language, home, memory, and bodily desires to finally arrive at explosive demonstrations of what happens when the unspeakable is uttered and shouted. Each poem shows the process of turning a painful reflection on history, sexuality, race, family, and nation into a prismatic object of beauty. We are lucky to witness Chang’s use of silence as a productive narrative frame.”
—Emily Jungmin Yoon, author of A CRUELTY SPECIAL TO OUR SPECIES

sad boy / detective by sam sax
“Sam Sax’s sad boy/detective uses the unholy sonnet in ways that would make Jarman marvel and sigh. The entirety of this volume destabilizes our ideas of what it means to write the coming of age novel, what it means to be undetectable. And Sax is forever fighting the fight of a poet who is made aware of his separation from the world by the fact that he is—in sorrow, sex, danger, or celebration—moored to all he sees because his seeing is a searchlight.”
—Jericho Brown