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February & March Sale : Hudson Prize Winners

We are so proud of the titles that have come to us by way of The Hudson Prize! In celebration, during February and March, these five Hudson Prize-winning titles are on sale for just $12 a piece.

Have a collection of poems or short stories you think we’d like? Submit your manuscript here. Submissions close on March 31.



The Giving of Pears by Abayomi Animashaun – 2008 Winner

“Abayomi’s world, gods and prophets and dead friends walk ‘in and out of walls.’ Fruits and animals of a lost ancestral village—guava, iguanas and goats, flock on flock—assert their spiritual presence. To say these are merely ‘religious’ poems would be an understatement…these poems vibrate with living spirits, giving voice and honor to the unseen. Indeed, this is a fresh and dazzling first book.” —Marilyn Chin

From the Darkness Right Under Our Feet by Patrick Michael Finn – 2009 Winner

Brutality, defeat, loneliness, and mournful longing haunt and ignite Finn’s collection with an assembly of unforgettable characters confronted by life-changing crises that force them to make impossible choices. Two brothers try to survive their father’s unexpected death by protecting their widowed mother from a drunken sexual vulture at a cousin’s wedding reception; the last orphan in an aging foster mother’s house tries to escape the abusive homophobia he faces in a rigidly-masculine Catholic high school; and a former quarry trucker, after thirty years in prison for murdering his sister’s rapist, is hired as a bouncer by a Greek immigrant who tries to save his failing restaurant by transforming it into a nightclub of seductive belly dancers.

The Aversive Clause by B.C. Edwards – 2011 Winner
“Edwards is somehow both irreverent and heartfelt, funny and sweetly earnest. The stories in The Aversive Clause are the work of a gifted and playful storyteller.” —Seth Fried
Patient. by Bettina Judd – 2013 Winner
“Joice Heth. Lucy Zimmerman. Betsey Harris. Anarcha Wescott. Bettina Judd ensures you will remember the names of four women assaulted by science, violated by curiosity—survivors of physical invasion and torturous experiments. She presents their dignity, heretofore denied, as imagined in their own voices in conversation and parallel with a modern speaker, similarly (coldly) ensnared by a medical machine powered by detachment at best, cruelty at worst. Judd re-centers the narrative, however, to where it belongs—on the person(s) confronted, examined, in pain—not on the problem to be studied or solved. In visceral language that indicts, worships, haunts, and empowers, Patient illuminates ‘a dynasty, a bloodline, a body’ imbued with the full human spectrum of emotion and brilliance.” —Khadijah Queen

My Dim Aviary by Gillian Cummings – 2015 Winner

“Through the voice of Miss Fernande—Parisian model, prostitute, rumored mistress of Picasso—Gillian Cummings creates a series of exquisite prose poems, thick with longing, loneliness, and corporal beauty. ‘What color would God clothe me but red?’ Cummings asks, offering the body as both wound and source of pleasure, and later, ‘There is a place the soul goes when the body is a field lost to burning.’ My Dim Aviary is that place. Reader, I implore you to visit.” —Allison Benis White