Black Lawrence Press


Anatolia and Other Stories by Anis Shivani
“In Anatolia and Other Stories, Anis Shivani does no less than deliver a world.  Read together, these smart, sure stories form wild, magnetic patterns on the brain; I’m left believing that seemingly random occurrences might add up to something more than what I’d imagined.”
— Julie Shigekuni, PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award-winning author of Invisible Gardens

Blood: Stories by Matthew Cheney
“Blood is a magnificent collection—raw and real, yet also elegant and mischievous. Rooted in a sense of place, but yearning for a world beyond, the stories in Blood chart heartbreak, solitude, and adventure in equal measure. It’s rare to read fiction with such depth that’s also so entertaining. One of my favorite reads of the past year.”
—Jeff VanderMeer, bestselling author of the Southern Reach Trilogy

Field Notes for the Earthbound by John Mauk
“John Mauk’s stories are filled with magic, violence, and wisdom. Among the blessed and the cursed, the drunks and the perverts, you will meet a girl who can fly, a belligerent priest, and the son of a witch. There’s something organic and essential, even inevitable, about these oddly-shaped stories; it’s as though they might have written themselves. The community opinion always matters here, as do the small-town values of hospitality and tolerance. In the words of one of Mauk’s narrators, ‘Everyday life churns out a rich perfume…The breath of every person, plant, and animal marries together, works its way upward.'”
—Bonnie Jo Campbell