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Sapling is a curated weekly e-newsletter highlighting the best of the small press world for writers looking for new venues for their work. We believe in small press publishing and we’re committed to showcasing up-to-date, streamlined information on the best of the independent publishing world.

Each issue of Sapling profiles a contest, a small press, and a literary journal, and features an interview with an editor, publisher or emerging writer. We’re excited to have put over 300 issues into the world and we have a lot more in store. Over the course of Sapling’s seven years highlights have included interviews with the editors and publishers of Wave Books, BookThug, Four Way Books, She Writes Press, Write Bloody, Pank, and emerging author interviews with Shane McCrae, Ben Mirov, Nicole Steinberg, Danny Bland, and Monica Drake.

A one-year subscription (52 issues) is $25 or a six-month subscription (26 issues) is $15. Want to check us out before you sign up? To the right, you’ll find links to a full sample issue and to an archive of some noteworthy features so you can see what we’re all about. We’d love to welcome you to Sapling!


Diane Goettel
Sapling Founder & Editor 2009-2011

Kit Frick
Sapling Editor 2011-2013

Yvonne Garrett
Sapling Editor 2013-present

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