The 2019 Hudson Prize: Finalists & Semi-Finalists

We’d like to thank all of the poets and writers who participated in the 2019 Hudson Prize. And we are pleased to announce the finalists and semi-finalists:
Fiction Finalists
On the Divide – Iver Arnegard
The Paper Anniversary – Dinah Cox
More Enduring for Having been Broken – Gwendolyn Edward
Last of the Species – Mary Fifield
The Registry of Displaced Persons – Emily Franklin
From Here – Margaret Grant
Islands –  Dionne Irving
Anything that Moves – Nathan Alling Long
Dead Women – Allie Mariano
Challenger – Aaron Weiss
Fiction Semi-Finalists
Go Away – Noelle Catharine Allen
Imagining Tanya – David Allan Cates
At War with the Giants – Jeffrey Chapman
When I Was a Stranger – David Crouse
Idiot Men – Scott Gould
Critical Cartography – Joseph Levens
Graze – Trudy Lewis
Scenic Overlook – Anne Ray
A Closer Walk – Gary B. Smith
The Paper Garden – Caitlin Vance
Poetry Finalists
Knuckled Fruit – Joe Betz
Raising Grief – Chanel Brenner
Pentimento – Jessica Guzman
Pulse – Maria Nazos
Exceeds Us – Leah Osowski
It’s not over once you figure it out – Isaac Pickell
I Thought There Would Be More Wolves – Sara Ryan
Specter – Tori Sharpe
Sweet Beast – Gabriella Tallmadge
First Church of the Rude Awakening  – Summar West
Poetry Semi-Finalists

Toxic – Conor Bracken
The Midwestern Book of the Dead – Regina DiPerna
Gospels From the Lower Shelf – Thomas Dukes
Sawgrass Sky  Andrew Hemmert – Andrew Hemmert
Blessed Are the Peacemakers – Brionne Janae
black god this body – Raina León
Bread Of – Gabrielle Lessans
Gentefication – Antonio Lopez
Tell This to the Universe – Katie Prince
Dear Mess – Chelsea Whitton


We will choose a winner from the pool of finalists. Stay tuned!